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{September 15, 2008}   Favorite Quotes

All from the play “How I learned to Drive” (1997)

“Boy scouts are always horny.  What do you think the first Merit Badge is for?” (Uncle Peck)

“In my family, folks tend to get nicknamed for their genitalia.” (Lil Bit)

“I was sixteen or so before I realized that pedophilia did not mean people who loved to bicycle…” (Lil Bit)

“When you get to heaven, Gods…gonna look at your chart and say: Uh-Oh. Fornication. Dog-ugly mean with blood relatives. Oh. Uh-Oh. Voted for George Wallace. Well, one last chance: If you can name the play, all will be forgiven.  And then she’ll quote: “The quality of mercy is not strained.” Your answer? Oh, too bad- Merchant of Venice: Act IV, Scene iii. And then she’ll send your sorry ass to fry in hell with all the other crackers. Excuse me please. -leaves-” (Lil Bit)

“So family is another acquired taste, like French Kissing? … You know, at first it really grosses you out, but in time you grow to like it?” (Lil bit)

More later, as I read.


{September 4, 2008}   Updates

Updated Pages SC2, Shorts, and Artist!Fate (editing) so check it out when you can. ^^ Sorry, nothing else to say, except maybe that SC2 is moving smoothly! >.<

{August 19, 2008}   The Painter

I was really tempted to title this Artist!Fate…

O-Town: The Painter

Part 1

‘Inspiration is all around you, you just have to open your eyes and look for it.’

Fate scoffed and threw her pencil and sketchbook on the bench beside her. “Right. I’ve been looking around all day and all the ‘inspiration’ I’ve gotten is two ducks going at it in the pond. And like hell am I going to enter the exhibition with something like that.”

She tried looking around again, but nothng really caught her interest. Which was sad, because there were so many people walking past her, alone, with dogs, with children… and none had that glimmer of inspiration that it would take for her to get out of the slump she had been in. Her mentor had forbidden her from returning to the studio until she had at least gotten a rough approximation of something that she could build on. The exhibition was in another two months after all and her mentor was counting on her to pull through, like always.

“Could this be it?” Fate sighed dramatically as she leaned back with an arm draped over her forehead. “Creativity all dried up like a dried-tomato by age 20? Real smooth, Testerossa. Real smooth.”

“Ahh!! Yuuno! Hold on! Get back here!”

Fate yelped and her eyes widened as she suddenly felt something large and furry jump down the loose collar of her shirt and start squirming around, as if it had jumped into a trap and was now frantically wondering how to get back out. Through a great feat of willpower, Fate thrust her own hand into her shirt, groped around, grabbed whatever thing was squeaking at being grabbed so roughly (or grabbed at all, considering the situation), and pulled it out. Apparently, her grip had been a bit tight, and so the animal was looking quite worn out by the time she could look at it. By this time, the owner had caught up and was apologizing profusely.

Fate looked up from the animal that she could now recognize as a ferret once she stroked its fur to lie flat again. Her awe upon seeing the face of the owner nearly made her drop the ferret into her lap. It was a young woman, about her age, she guessed, who wore her rather long brown hair in a side ponytail. The running she had just done made her otherwise pale skin a healthy rosy shade, especially on her cheeks. And those eyes… she had the most stunning blue eyes…

“Um… can I… have my ferret back, please?”

Fate snapped out of her trance and looked again at the ferret and then at the girl. She asked stupidly, “This is yours?”

The young woman nodded. Fate noticed her nervousness.

“This thing that just sexually harrassed me? It’s yours?”

“I didn’t tell him to do that!” The woman had started flapping her arms every which way as she tried to convince Fate, “Yuuno didn’t mean any harm either, I swear!”

Fate looked at the ferret, which was now looking back at her curiously. She didn’t really care about what the little criminal had just done, but she did care about his owner. With resolve, Fate decided that she was going to use him to her advantage while he was still in her grasp. She stood, smiling all the while. She petted the ferret affectionately so that it would have no reason to scurry out of her grasp anytime soon. “You want him back?”

The woman hesitated and gave her an odd look. Suspicious even. “Yes… he’s mine after all.”

“Hmm…” Fate took a step forward, and the woman took a step back, watching her. “How am I going to give him back if you don’t let me approach you?”

The woman obediently held out her hands to receive her pet.

Fate didn’t offer him up quite yet. “You know the city has a rule about pets that are being walked require a leash, right? So incidents like this don’t happen. At least not with the same frequency.”

Slowly, the hands lowered. “I… I just got him. I couldn’t find a collar that would fit him.”

“Ah, I see.” Fate nodded understandingly, stroking Yuuno’s neck, which he seemed to like. “That is a problem then.”


“You should come back to my place. The place I work at. I can fix something up to work until you find a legit collar and leash for him.”

“Ah! I really couldn’t impose on you like that. I’ll be extra careful next time, I promise.” The woman fidgeted. Fate could tell she really did not like sticking around one place a whole lot.

Fate warned, “You know, I could have this little guy impounded for that little stunt he pulled. Would you rather I do that?”

“NO!” The woman took a breath and said quieter, “No, please. I… Really… If I could just have him back…”



Fate grinned, leaning over so that their faces were centimeters apart. “You’ve got to give me some sort of service. Something that’ll make me forget that this ever happened.”

[Moved and given its own Page]

{August 18, 2008}   Brainstorm about brainstorming…

I think I’ll post my random blurbs here and if they actually amount to anything, post them in a “page” here.

I was listening to my MP3s today, specifically, “The Painter” by O-Town and I imagined Fate being a sculptor asking Nanoha to be her model. As much as I love Fate (no sarcasm intended) being the one that’s all cool and standoffish and idolized, I thought, hey, why not give Nanoha her chance?

Granted, in the canon version, Nanoha probably /is/ the more idolized one of the two (grr) but in an AU fashion? To be idolized for something not related to magic… 😀 ah, those were the nice simple days, weren’t they?

But I fear it may be too similar to Satashi’s “Saved by the Bell” where Nanoha was working as a model. Granted, the situation is a bit different from that, but I still wonder.

Ah well. Another idea to feed the canon with. :3

{August 16, 2008}   More Brainstorming

I was listening to old songs (not that old, 90’s) and I started to realize that any love song you can think of could apply to NanoFate.  I won’t elaborate on that.

I was reading a blog yesterday too and at one part, they said, “It takes a good writer to find a way to balance the fact that that person will at least always have “another important person” in their life (i.e. NanoFate + Vita or Signum); a bad one will just take the easy way out and kill the opposition (i.e. Fate or Nanoha respectively)”

Call me easily challenged, but this gave me more incentive to do SC2 as previously mentioned.  Mission statement:

Work in Hayate/Reinforce with Tomoyo being the other important/special person.

Make Nanoha/Vita acceptable with Fate as Nanoha’s special friend (this is before Vivio comes into their lives and they share a bed) and with Vita being devoted to Hayate

Make Fate/Signum acceptable with Shamal being Signum’s special friend (on top of her devotion to Hayate as her mistress) and Nanoha being Fate’s (:P)

Arisa/Suzuka… er… well… I suppose I could say with Hayate being Suzuka’s other important person. Not as complicated as Vitoha or Fignum unless you consider the aforementioned Hayate/Reinforce.

Actually, this might turn out rather interesting.  And Hayate /is/ at the center of it all, just as I wanted. (Cuz it’s Hayate’s turn! :D)  I might also add a songfic as a regular thing, though not make the whole thing songficcie.

Oh! I also want to take this chance to incorporate what I learn in school every week into each weekly chapter (not doing every-day-updates anymore =_=;; )  I’m taking Astronomy, Theatre, Mental Illnesses, MicroEco, and Calculus, so it may not be so hard.  MSLN and Astronomy? who woulda thunk. I’ll expound on things I learned in the end A/N to make connections, as this is my retribution for technically going against my mom and “writing instead of studying”.  I will also make an effort to proofread my chapters and keep the random silliness to a minimum (subtle silliness is still perfectly acceptable however).

And due to… extenuating circumstances, I’ll be posting them here until the coast is clear for me to post them.  I’ll do right and post them in the MSLN section this time.
That’s all for now!

{August 15, 2008}   Love Hina fic?

Ah… ‘nother brainstorm. An in depth story around the Hina girls. Specifically, Naru/Mutsumi. It’s been done before, though not by me. The story for this has yet to formulated so… just a thought bubble right now.

Spot reserved for more brainstorms.

{August 13, 2008}   Shard Card 2: Hayate’s Story

I really shouldn’t say it’s a sequel to Shard Card, as I’m not even sure if I’ll make it in a parallel universe, but the things that happened in SC could happen in SC2. For example…

  • Nanoha and Fate are (happily) married.
  • Vivio is dating girls, possibly still Ruby.
  • Hayate still wants to date girls, possibly Reina in the beginning. (I want Reinforce/Hayate action! :O)
  • Sakura and Tomoyo can live together happily wherever. I’ll let them be. (they’re overkill powerwise anyway)
  • Zafira is happy to stay ‘home’ with his new buddy Kero.
  • Yuuno and Arf are hitting it off well (after rewatching A’s, I thought of an amusing turn of events where they took turns walking each other, with one of them being in animal form while the other was in human form. Ah, child Arf walking a ferret… XP Demeaning? Perhaps.)
  • Oh, and Shamal and Signum are open about their relationship.

With everything resolved, what could I possibly have planned for SC2? Well…

  1. Hayate-tachi explore newly accessible magical worlds on the frontier of the known universe.
  2. They land on a world that reverses Intelligent Devices with their masters. In essence, the IDs get human bodies while the original masters are now voices and magical sticks.
  3. No, I have not thought this through clearly, as even if Reinforce has Hayate’s body, that would mean Hayate doesn’t have a body. (Thus, where’s the romance?!)
  4. Maybe it’s a world where the IDs just get their own bodies and they wield the magical staffs for their masters. Rather like the adult Reinforce at the end of A’s, except not so demented.
  5. But I do like #2, in that the masters get a taste of the world their devices live in.
  6. It’d be nice if I could throw in Arisa/Suzuka, but I’m not sure how I’d go about it now. :\
  7. Oh my pairings for this story would be… hmm…


  • Hayate/Reinforce- While I found A’s scenes between Reinforce and Hayate very cute and endearing and ultimately mother/child in nature, I still can’t help but want to try an AU where they /could/ be together. Because for her [Hayate’s] years, I somehow sense only adult Reinforce could match her in maturity and responsibility. This, I realize, is likely a gross exaggeration of Hayate’s capabilities, but at the same time, think again of A’s, where Hayate not only accepted her responsibilities, but accepted them willingly for the sake of improving the lives of her new family. Of course, you could say she was desperately lonely and preferred taking care of them than them leaving her, but meh. I digress.
  • Shamal/Signum- I tried for the life of me to find someone else worthy and compatible with Shamal but it just wouldn’t work. Grawr. Shamal just doesn’t give off those vibes with anyone else. Stupid motherly characters that love and take care of everyone…
  • You know what? Actually, I’ll have to think on this a bit more. I’m searching for unconventional pairings but having trouble visualizing them…
  • Canon pairing check (add yuri goggles): Nanoha/Fate, Shamal/Signum, Erio/Caro, Teana/Subaru
  • SC pairing check plus: Sakura/Tomoyo, Hayate/Reina, Vivio/Ruby, Yuuno/Arf, Zafira/Kero, Touya/Yue
  • Unmentioned pairings: Arisa/Suzuka, Hayate/Reinforce, Hayate/Vita, Nanoha/Vita, Signum/Fate
  • Brainstorm: Maybe I’ll just have an AU story altogether in which Hayate embarks on the frontier on a mission with Rein, Vita, Signum, Nanoha, and Fate, and Tomoyo from the Omake version. To explore unconventional possibilities, NanoFate and Sigmal are merely best-friends and confidantes, free for reshuffling. Also, with Tomoyo as Hayate’s best friend, they embark on a mission of “what could be”. As Hayate grows closer to Reinforce, she realizes her love for Tomoyo (yes, again XP) and seeks ways to get Tomoyo to be favorable to her. Remember, in this version, Tomoyo has been with Hayate longer than she has with Sakura. Also, as evidenced in A’s when Arisa and Suzuka were totally impervious to the magical shield, let’s say they’ve joined as… oh, support staff. And let’s just try to assume that they aren’t already together.
  • So my proposed pairings would be Hayate/Reinforce (friendship), Hayate/Tomoyo, Fate/Signum, Nanoha/Vita, Arisa/Suzuka
  • Proposed Timeline: when most of the above characters are 16, or “6 years later” as A’s put it. Perhaps… this is where Nanoha/Hayate/Fate were headed when they “Set Up” at the end of A’s.

…Ok so that would totally mess up with what I started this with, but I think it’d be cool, don’t you?

After much deliberation, I really need a site to hold my writing so I can have my fanfiction and my original fiction all in one place.  I also write some kooky essays for classes sometimes, so I might put some of those up.

This site will also serve to supplement my writing with little notes and tidbits, maybe inspiring pics and the like.



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